I have been living with Parkinson’s disease for many years, but I was not officially diagnosed until 2010. The first year was very difficult because I needed a lot of medical attention and my son and his family struggled to take care of my medical needs. I became severely depressed, and could not sleep for more than a few hours a night.

Enrolling in AltaMed’s PACE program brought me peace. The attention the doctors give me is wonderful and I could not be happier with the medical care I receive. The center takes care of everything that I need so that my family does not need to worry. My PACE doctor arranges all of my appointments with the neurologist and transportation is arranged for me as well. At the center, I can talk to a psychologist about dealing with Parkinson’s and losing the ability to control my body. I even have a personalized physical therapy plan so that I can work to maintain my motor skills. My favorite exercise is to press on a foot pedal; even moving my foot up and down is extremely difficult because of my disease.

I have no doubt that the progression of my disease has slowed because of the quality of care I receive at AltaMed PACE. I feel better because of PACE, and my family is very happy that I can benefit from such a great program.


Additional Participant Profiles

Ms. Lovato

Jaime is a participant at AltaMed’s El Monte Center. He has been with AltaMed for 3 years.