Cal MediConnect

Dual eligible beneficiaries (those eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal) in the seven CCI counties (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Mateo, and Santa Clara) will be eligible to enroll in Cal MediConnect. This program is optional and beneficiaries will have a choice of plans that will combine their Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits and provide additional benefits and services, including care coordination.

PACE is an alternative option to the Cal MediConnect program. PACE offers all of the benefits and services available through Cal MediConnect and more. With the exception of San Mateo county, PACE is located in all of the CCI counties.

Managed Long-Term Services and Supports

Those not eligible to enroll in Cal MediConnect will be given the option to select a Medi-Cal plan for their long-term services and supports. PACE is available to serve these populations and will be available to beneficiaries who are already enrolled in a Medi-Cal health plan if they disenroll from their current health plan. CalPACE is working to ensure that PACE is a formal enrollment choice in this piece of the Coordinated Care Initiative.

Did you receive a letter from the State of California like this?

Then you may qualify for PACE as your Managed Care Health Plan. If you are:

 At least 55 years old?

 Living in one of the PACE service areas?

 In need of a high level of care?

 Able to live in your home safely?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, and you want a medical home that provides all-inclusive social, medical and home care services, please call a PACE plan near you so they can answer your questions and start the enrollment process.


PACE Materials

Listed below are education and resource materials regarding PACE 

  • In order to enroll in PACE you must reside in one of the PACE covered zip codes. To find out where PACE is located, please click HERE.

PACE Training Guide

CalPACE in conjunction with the California PACE Organizations have developed a training guide for advocate and advisory groups who help consumers understand their health plan options under the Coordinated Care Initiative.  This document includes information about eligibility for PACE, details about covered services, FAQs, PACE service areas and how to get more information.  The training guide is available HERE.