I-SAT: Satisfaction Measurement for PACE

Consumer Satisfaction is a critical performance measure for all organizations providing health care and long-term care services including PACE.  CalPACE and its members are pleased to announce the final results of the I-SAT project. This three-phase research project was designed to develop, test and validate a standard, PACE appropriate satisfaction measurement instrument that is:  

  1. Sensitive to communication challenges often encountered by PACE participants, and
  2. Provides PACE organizations with detailed information to guide quality improvement efforts, while meeting state, federal, and DataPACE 2 reporting needs.

CalPACE, in partnership with Vital Research, is managing the survey process to offer a seamless, turnkey service for PACE Organizations interested in assessing participant satisfaction.

For more information about the I-SAT Satisfaction Measurement for PACE, please contact Steve Bray of Vital Research at (323) 951-1670 or via email at sbray(at)vitalresearch.com.


If you would like to receive a cost estimate for implementing the I-SAT survey at your PACE organization, please complete and submit the cost estimate form below to Steven Bray.