We all want the best care for our aging loved one, but getting that care is not always easy. Managing medical appointments, medications and transportation can be difficult and burdensome.  Caregivers also struggle with leaving their loved one at home without the supervision and social interaction they need.

It doesn't have to be this way.  PACE provides all-inclusive comprehensive care that is tailored to the individual need of the participant.  The focus of every PACE program is to help our participants live in the community for as long as possible.  PACE programs provide care and services in the home, the community, and the PACE Center. 

PACE participants have a team of health care professionals to help coordinate and make health care decisions.  These teams are made up of health care experts who are experienced in the chronic illnesses and conditions of older adults.

PACE programs support family members and other caregivers with care giving training, support groups, and respite care to help families keep their loved ones in the community.

PACE Training Guide

CalPACE in conjunction with the California PACE Organizations have developed a training guide for advocate and advisory groups who help consumers understand their health plan options under the Coordinated Care Initiative.  This document includes information about eligibility for PACE, details about covered services, FAQs, PACE service areas and how to get more information.  The training guide is available HERE.  

PACE Videos

PACE: The Future of Long-Term Care

PACE provides care and services in the community to enable older Americans in need of nursing home care to stay in their own homes or in the community for as long as possible.


On Lok Lifeways: Aging with Dignity

On Lok Lifeways has been providing care to seniors for over four decades, proving it's not only possible to do what is right for our seniors, it is incredibly beneficial to them and to our whole society.


St. Paul's PACE

Watch this video from St. Paul's PACE for an overview of their PACE program in San Diego, CA.


Center for Elders' Independence

Watch this video from Center for Elders' Independence for an overview of their PACE program in Oakland and Berkley, CA.


PACE Rhode Island: In Their Own Words

Watch this video of PACE participants from PACE Organization of Rhode Island talk about what the program means to them: