CalPACE has two categories of Membership: 

PACE Membership is available to fully operational, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organizations that operate PACE programs in the state of California.

Associate Membership in CalPACE is available to (1) organizations that are in the process of becoming a PACE provider or (2) have demonstrated interest in becoming a PACE provider.  Organizations that meet one of the following categories will be eligible for Associate Member status:

1. Application Approved by DHCS

To be eligible for "Application Approved by DHCS" Associate Membership, an organization must have:

  • DHCS has certified application for CMS approval.
  • Application is under review by CMS.

2. Exploring PACE

To be eligible for "Exploring PACE" Associate Membership, an organization must have:

  • Submitted a letter of intent to become a PACE provider to DHCS.
  • Actively working on PACE application.

For further information
about CalPACE membership, please send an email to memberservices(at) 
or call (916) 479-3386.